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Do you want thousands of people to know about your thriving business? Or want more prospects leading to your website and closing deals with you? We’ve got you covered!

Techcorncord is a platform dedicated to providing the latest, meaningful and relevant blog posts and articles to tech entrepreneurs and enthusiasts. Whether you want to write for development, design, app development, future tech, cryptocurrency, or daily and weekly trending news, we have a huge base of readers for you.

We accept guest posts for web development, web design, web hosting, android, and iOS development, Metaverse, NFT, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, cryptocurrency, and the latest trending tech news.

Guide to Selecting a Blog Post Topic:

We understand the complexity and creativity it takes to select a blog topic, but we have a perfect solution for it. 

If you want to write and get exposure but are not sure about the topic, you can always ask us, and we would be more than happy to give you a topic to write about based on your interest and the field you select.

In case if you already have a topic and blog post ready with you, you can submit it to our team, and we will publish it if it suits our area of work.

You can check our previous blogs here for a better understanding.

Writing & Editorial Guide: 

✔ All the blogs you submit should be in American English with a minimum of 800 words in a conversational tone. The upper limit depends on the depth of the topic. 

✔ We don’t entertain grammatically incorrect and plagiarism work at all. Ensure originality and high-quality content before submitting it. 

✔ Don’t include multiple and spammy links to the content. Include only relevant and high-quality links.
✔ Ensure the content you are submitting is not biased and promotional. Focus on adding value than promoting a product, service, or business.
✔ Keep your language easy to understand and concise. We hate fluff – don’t add words just for the sake of it.
✔ Provide related images with sources – this is not mandatory, but it helps your content to be visually appealing.  
✔ Having proper formatting in your post (Title, H1, H2, H3, H4, and so forth) is equally important.
✔ Keep your content SEO-friendly with relevant keywords and content.
✔ Go through our blogs to better understand our writing style

What Do You Get?

Backlink: When you submit the content, you get 1 do-follow link to your website or other social media platform if we publish the post.
Freedom: Get all the freedom to write the topic you want to write about and build authority in your field.
More Clients: Get SEO signals from high-authority websites and improve the ranking of your website.
Better Traffic on Your Website: Targeted audience leading to your website resulting in better brand awareness. 

Which are the Search Terms?

Below is a list of the most searched and powerful search terms that will help you:

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Send Your Pitches Our Way: 

Are you ready to take your goal to the next level? Let’s collaborate and make you grow together!

Write us at [email protected] with the subject line “Guest Post Collaboration – (Topic),” and we will revert you within 3 working days. 

Things to Include in Your Email:

  • Your or your business’s introduction in 2 or 3 lines or a video  
  • Blog post topic you would like to write 
  • Sample of your past writing (If you have one). 

Now It is easier for you to write a guest post for our website and submit it. So use this opportunity to share your creative thoughts with the world and start writing. 

Contact us today!