If you are ever looking for a multi-function hub for your smart home – do check out Samsung’s SmartThings Station. The most amazing thing about this device is it is a hub that can work as a button with a 15W Qi charger that works wonderfully well.

Did you know that Samsung’s SmartThings Station is compatible with the Matter protocol? The Matter unifies almost all the Smart Home Hub devices, including Apple, Samsung, and Google. 

Samsung’s SmartThings Station: The Best Smart Home Hub

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The basic functionality of Samsung’s SmartThings Station is to secure all the smart home devices in your environment using one of the several protocols. This way, you can control the Smart Home Hub using your smartphone even when you are having a great time outside your house! Isn’t that a remarkable feature in a Smart Home Hub device?

It even allows you to set a perfect scene for your house by setting triggers. For example, using a single, double, or long press can help you perform various tasks inside your home. 

Samsung’s SmartThings Station: The Best Smart Home Hub

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It can help you turn off the lights and switch off some devices when you are not at home. This can include ACs, fans, or even TV. You can even command your TV to go into game mode and automatically shift your phone to Do Not Disturb mode. 

If you wish to turn on the blinders of your living room and set the AC temperature before you reach home from the office, it is possible to do all this with the help of your smart devices. You can even add the SmartThings Station to find a network and register the different smart devices at your home. This makes it easy to stay connected with smart devices like phones, watches, earbuds, tablets, etc. 

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The last feature that I have highlighted in this write-up that makes the Smart Home Hub amazingly wonderful is its ability to charge your phone, earbuds, watch, and other devices compatible with Qi (Maximum of 15W). This ensures that you can leave a smart device for charging at a convenient place. Once the charging is complete, the system will automatically notify you to unplug the charger from the smart device.

Samsung’s SmartThings Station: The Best Smart Home Hub

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Samsung’s SmartThings Station will be available to the general audience in the US from early February 2023.

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