The mobile app development trends keep changing year after year, and now when 2022 is coming to an end, the developers must be ready for the latest mobile app development trends 2023.

The development community has to prepare for the new Mobile App Development Trends for the upcoming year. 

The mobile app industry is continuously growing; thus, new development practices can always be seen in the industry.

The industry is going rapidly, and at the end of 2026, it is estimated to reach around $600 billion. Thus, there is a huge opportunity in this industry. However, the industry must be ready to adapt and serve the customers best to succeed.

The Rise in Mobile Phone Users

The rise in smartphone users will also increase app downloads and usage. 

Below is the chart that shows the number of estimated mobile smartphone users from 2022 to 2026. 

The increase in mobile phone users will directly contribute to the growth of the mobile app development industry

Mobile App Development Trends


Bright Future for Mobile App Development

Mobile app downloads is anticipated to rise by 24 billion in 2023 compared to 2022.

Below is the chart showing the number of app downloads from 2018 to 2023

Mobile App Development Trends


Between 2020 and 2025, the market for mobile apps is anticipated to reach more than $650 billion.

The growth in the mobile app industry will benefit the big players and provide great opportunities to SMEs. 

Top Mobile App Development Trends 2023

1. Camera-Focused Apps

Mobile App Development Trends


After the COVID pandemic, many people started working from home, and many are still continuing. Due to this, people have to make more video calls, so a video calling app is required. 

Big companies like Google and Zoom were smart enough to catch the trend much before; thus, their apps became very successful. They witnessed a huge number of downloads during the COVID, which is still the same. 

As per Statista, the video conferencing market will reach 27.3 billion dollars by 2026. So, this is one of the trends to look upon in the upcoming year 2023.

2. AR and VR Development

Mobile App Development Trends


Augmented and Virtual Reality bridge the gap between the physical and virtual worlds. The use of virtual reality technology drastically alters our surroundings. You should select the appropriate VR gear if you want a fantastic virtual reality experience. 

Augmented reality will change how our devices can help us; it will make our tasks easy, whether for shopping, getting information, or any other task. 

Generally, people use AR and VR to try the following things:

  • Paint colors
  • Furniture
  • Clothing
  • Hair types and colors
  • Eyeglasses
  • Makeup

As per the report of Statista, the global VR & AR market will gain $250 billion in 2028.

You can consider this one of the biggest Mobile App Development Trends in 2023.

3. 5G Technology

Mobile App Development Trends


5G is the fastest network type; it provides fast data usage, more devices, and services. All the processes will become more efficient and quicker. 

The 5G technology has been there for quite a time, but in 2023, it is going to rule. It is one of the reasons why tech companies have started implementing 5G.

5G will change the way how we create and use mobile apps. 

  • The speed of 5G will be 100 times more than 4G. 
  • The quality of the video-streaming apps will improve.
  • More opportunities for AR & VR. 
  • Sharing data between the two devices will be much quicker. 
  • The developers will be able to create new functions. 

4. Super Apps

Mobile App Development Trends


A super app is one big app in which other small apps are integrated; these apps are very popular in the US and Europe. 

The super app can include shopping, finance, entertainment, and many other services. The super app can make the work of people very easy and fast.

When a person uses the super app, he/she will hardly need any other app. All the tasks of the person can be done through this super app. Thus, there is no need to keep multiple apps on the device, just one super app. 

Mobile app developers must not miss this trend. 

5. Enhanced App Security

Mobile App Development Trends


Currently, security threats have increased a lot. Hackers always have their eye on the data of the people and want a chance to steal confidential information and money from the people. Thus, security is very crucial in the current times. 

The lack of security can lead to the following consequences:

  • Stolen login information
  • Identity fraud
  • Credit card information was stolen and sold again
  • Unapproved use of corporate networks
  • Personal information can be copied from and scanned through SMS texts

In 2023, the focus will be on improving the security of the people, and when people spend so many hours in the day behind the apps, it is important to focus properly on the app’s security. 

Here are some of the solutions that can help in improving mobile security:

Identity Verification

ID verification will prevent hackers from stealing people’s personal and confidential information. A strong verification process will confirm the identity of the users. In this way, hackers are less likely to be able to attack.

2-Factor Authentication

Even if the users have a strong password, there are huge chances that the account can be hacked. Thus, it is important to add additional security, and it can be done by 2-factor authentication. 

Here, the user needs to add an extra code apart from the password. The code will be sent to you by phone or mail. 

If you activate this level of protection, it will be almost impossible to hack the user’s account. And in case anyone logs into the account, then you will be notified. 


Signing through biometrics needs the use of the body. The app developers could be certain if the entered password matches the password key in the back-end of the software system.

Biometrics establishes the legitimacy of the identity of the person giving the biometric sample for verification because of the real-time display of the fingerprint, iris scan, or facial recognition. 

6. Mobile Commerce

Mobile App Development Trends


After the pandemic, online sales have increased a lot. Today, everyone makes use of mobile applications to do their shopping. Also, online shopping is easy, simple, and convenient. 

As the number of mobile users grows, the chances are huge that mobile shopping will also increase. Therefore, companies must adapt to the mobile commerce trend. 

Along with the increase in mobile shopping, the use of online wallets may also increase a lot. 

7. Voice Search

Mobile App Development Trends


Why type and work hard when everything can be done just by voice?

With the voice search, the users can do every task with their voice.

Voice technology means understanding the query of the person by their voice and providing the solution.

Many businesses have started implementing voice technology and making the task of their users easy.

Big companies like Google and Amazon caught this trend early, and thus they introduced their smart devices – Google Home & Alexa. 

8. Location-Based Applications

Mobile App Development Trends


You will see huge growth in location-based applications as location-based services will change how users interact with the business.

Largely, we will see the growth of location-based applications in tourism, navigation, security, and indoor mapping.

The availability of the APIs and the Google Map technology will make the work of the mobile app developers easy. 

9. On-Demand Apps

Mobile App Development Trends


The on-demand applications connect clients with various service providers and vice versa.

Due to the extreme popularity of the on-demand business model, many startups are entering the market with on-demand mobile solutions.

According to research, the on-demand service industry will surpass $335 by 2025. 

The on-demand applications are very much in trend, and in 2023, it will be the same. 

10. Gamification

Mobile App Development Trends


The new generation gets bored easily; thus, it is important to stick them to the app and reduce the bounce rate. Gamification will keep the users engaged and interested in the app. 

Gamification is one of the best engagement approaches, due to which many apps started using gamification. So, this is one of the top mobile app trends to look for in 2023. 

11. AI Chatbots

Mobile App Development Trends


Chatbots have been in use for a while now, and the use of chatbots is growing more & more. A chatbot is a program that allows humans with devices. The chatbots make the task of the users and companies easy and quick.

The companies can provide good customer service and decrease the expenses of managing the customer. The chatbots can provide a quick solution to users’ questions and queries. 

12. Touchless User-Interface

Mobile App Development Trends


One of the trends for 2023 is touchless UI. According to an estimate, around 50% of business apps will have at least one type of touchless experience by 2023.

Many people are already aware of the touchless UI. Another current trend in user interface design for mobile apps is gesture control, which allows you to run apps by merely moving your head or screen.  

13. Mobile Applications for Wearables

Mobile App Development Trends


Wearable technology is growing continuously, which was a huge trend in 2022 and will continue in 2023 as well.

Today, smartwatches are the fastest-growing devices. Many big companies are investing a lot in smartwatches, and Apple is one big name. 

More mobile apps will be developed in 2023 that take wearables into account. Tens of thousands of applications will be available for users to download right away from their wrists.

14. Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Mobile App Development Trends


The Progressive Web Apps are considered the next-gen of mobile web apps. They are very quick and do not require a constant internet connection to use them.

Push notifications, offline and full-screen modes, a launcher for the home screen, access to the camera, and other features give PWAs a native-like feel. Also, they are faster than mobile websites and consume less data.

15. Predictive Analytics

Mobile App Development Trends


Predictive analytics is understanding or predicting the choice of people by using data.

YouTube and Netflix are some of the popular examples of predictive analysis. These apps suggest the users’ content based on their watch history.

Predictive analytics greatly improves the customer experience as they will suggest the content of the same interests of the people.

Mobile App Development Trends


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1. Which Framework Is the Best When It Comes to Mobile App Development?

The front-end and back-end frameworks are Ruby on Rails and React, Redux, Next, and Vue.

2. What Does Hybrid App Development Entail?

The construction of an application that can function on many operating platforms, including Android, iOS, and Windows, is known as hybrid app development.

3. What Language Is Used for Mobile App Development?

There are many languages for mobile app development. Examples are JavaScript and TypeScript for the front end and Ruby for the back end. 

Final Thoughts

At last, we would say that with the rise of mobile users, the growth of mobile apps is inevitable. The mobile app development industry has a lot of opportunities, from large to small players. However, mobile app trends 2023 keep changing, and thus developers need to be aware of these trends. We have mentioned the biggest trends for the upcoming year, 2023!

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