Just one day after the final public release of iOS 16.2, having multiple new features, Apple released a beta version of iOS 16.3 for developers on 14th Dec 2022, Wednesday.

Other than iOS 16.3 beta 1, Apple has also released iPadOS 16.3 beta 1, watchOS 9.3 beta 1, macOS 13.2 beta 1, and tvOS 16.3 beta 1 updates. 

We’ve covered details about all the updates in this news article; keep reading to get get the latest information.

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What iOS 16.3 Has in Store?

iOS 16.3

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Apple has announced the release of the iOS 16.3 iOS beta version that includes the features like Apple Card Savings Account, Apple Pay Later, Security Keys for Apple ID, Apple Music Classical, Custom Accessibility Mode, and Advanced Data Protection for iCloud beyond the United States. 

The beta is already available for the developers and could be available to Apple’s public beta program for iOS before the end of this year.

Please note that Apple has announced these features, but there is no update about when these features will be released. However, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has reported that Apple targets a release date sometime in February or early March. 

The physical security keys feature will strengthen Apple’s existing two-factor authentication for Apple ID, and it’s going to be especially useful for public figures whose profiles and accounts are always at threat by hackers. 

Example includes celebrities, politicians, high-level government officers, and journalists. As the name suggests, you will need to have a physical security key as one of the two factors while signing into your Apple ID account.

An existing feature of Advanced Data Protection for iCloud in iOS 16.2 can now become available for citizens outside the states with iOS 16.3 update. Going forward, you can also expect to have an introductory guide on transferring control of music playback from an iPhone to a HomePod speaker to become easily accessible to a wider audience. 

You should note that this feature was already in existence, but this update will make the audience aware of the Handoff capability.

Moreover, you can also expect the feature of “Apple Music Classical,” dedicated to the classical music app, along with the “Apple Pay Later,” for users to split payments into four installments with Apple’s payment service that is yet to be released; due since the September release of the latest iPhone software version.

One of the most exciting features of the iOS 16.3 updates could be the custom accessibility mode allowing streamlining of the home screen and controls on text sizes – as hinted during the iOS 16.2 betas. Nonetheless, it would be exciting to see emerging features on the way of the iOS 16.3 beta process. 

iPadOS 16.3 Beta Updates:

iPadOS 16.3

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Though there are no official notes for the iPadOS 16.3 beta update, it is expected to have all the features of iOS 16.3 while bringing back External Display Support for Stage Manager on some of Apple’s best models, including M1 and M2 iPad Pro and iPad Air.

The release date of iPadOS 16.3 should be the same as iOS 16.3 – early months of the year 2023. 

macOS Ventura 13.2 Beta Updates: 

iPadOS 16.3

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Released earlier this week, MacOS 13.2 Beta has Freeform to make visual collaboration easier than ever, and ADP – an HR solution along with easy access to payroll, time & attendance, and benefits for you and your team.

Moreover, MacOS 13.2 has also fixed a regression in Ventura 13.1 that was preventing daemons from being registered with SMAppService. Another fix includes toggling items on or off in Login, causing them to be ungrouped or deleted.

Same as iOS 16.3 and iPadOS 16.3, you can expect macOS 13.2 to be released in the starting months of the year 2023. 

watchOS 9.3 Beta Updates: 

WatchOS 9.3

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Though there are no major and noticeable changes when it comes to the watchOS 9.3 beta version, you can find a few upgrades if you care to look mindfully. 

The new features include a Race Route, a kickboxing algorithm for workouts, and improved Outdoor Run detection to better assess the running track.

The watchOS 9.3 is more likely to be available early in 2023.  

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tvOS 16.3

WatchOS 9.3

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Talking about the tvOS 16.2 updates, there are limited major updates, including a new Siri Recognize My Voice feature supporting up to six different voices for easier and smoother personal requests and profile switching. 

Additionally, Siri now has new language support along with a brand-new design. Did we say that Watch Now, too, has got re-designed?

Lastly, there is the new HomeKit Architecture supporting Matter along with better connectivity facilities and Apple Music Sing. You can expect tvOS 16.2 to be released early next year.

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