Cryptocurrency is known for quick money-making, and due to this, many people are interested in Cryptocurrency. Here, you will know about various methods how to make money with Cryptocurrency in 2023.

In the past few years, there has been so much buzz about Cryptocurrency that there would hardly be any person who doesn’t know about it. 

The people known with Cryptocurrency know how volatile this asset class is!

People can take advantage of this volatility and make a lot of money. However, there is also the risk of losing your money. Thus, you should know how to make money with Cryptocurrency to earn a good sum of money.

Cryptocurrency is such an asset class that can make people rich very quickly. People are always finding for the best crypto for a quick profit. 

Let’s see the ways that can help you how to make money with Cryptocurrency in 2023. 

What Exactly is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a decentralized payment method that one can use for conducting online transactions. 

The market is flooded with well-known cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. With the recent increase in the value of these currencies, many people are attracted to cryptocurrency trading. 

Top 10 Ways to Make Money with Cryptocurrency in 2023

1. Investing

How To Make Money With Cryptocurrency


The first and most important way – how to make money with Cryptocurrency in 2023 is investing. You can buy coins like Bitcoin and other coins or can even buy a cryptocurrency index fund. The index fund can be an excellent way to diversify the portfolio and minimize or balance the risk.

As we said, investing in Cryptocurrency can be risky, so make sure that you do thorough research when you are investing it. Also, remember that investing is for a long time, so research becomes very important when you invest in cryptocurrencies. 

2. Trading

How To Make Money With Cryptocurrency


Don’t confuse investing and trading – investing is for a long period, while trading is for a short period of time.

The cryptocurrency market is unpredictable, and thus people who don’t want to hold the asset for a long time can do the trading and just sell the cryptocurrencies when they have a decent profit. 

3. Mining 

How To Make Money With Cryptocurrency


The practice of verifying and logging transactions on a blockchain network using specialized computer hardware is known as cryptocurrency mining.

Miners are rewarded with Cryptocurrency for their efforts. Mining can be done with a special type of hardware or cloud mining services. It will not require buying or maintaining hardware, but the rewards may be lower than the hardware mining. 

4. Crypto Staking & Lending

How To Make Money With Cryptocurrency


Staking and Lending can help you generate passive income from your existing crypto assets.

Staking the crypto assets is very simple, where your crypto tokens get locked for a certain period of time to help the Blockchain validate other PoS transactions over the networks. 

An interesting account for cryptocurrency lending is a safe way to make money with cryptocurrencies and generate passive income. These interest-bearing accounts operate similarly to regular savings accounts in that you are paid interest for depositing your crypto assets. However, digital assets will not be placed into smart contracts when it comes to acquiring interests. 

5. Crypto Day Trading

How To Make Money With Cryptocurrency


Day trading is a risky method to make money with Cryptocurrency. If you like to take the risk, go for crypto day trading.

In day trading, you have to buy and sell the assets on the same day. But try to remember that crypto is already a risky asset, and after that, if you want to do day trading, then be ready to take the high risk.

Some people want to make $100 a day trading cryptocurrency; earning the exact amount may not be possible, but you can reach near this mark.

To start trading, you need to sign up, get some digital currency and analyze the crypto market charts. However, do a proper how to earn daily from Cryptocurrency.

You need to find a low-cost broker and start trading. Also, see the available coins when you are choosing the broker. 

So, if you have a question – how to make money daily with Cryptocurrency? Crypto day trading is your answer. 

6. Play2Earn

How To Make Money With Cryptocurrency


Here, we will let you know one of the interesting ways how to make money with Cryptocurrency. One of the amazing ways to earn money with Cryptocurrency is through playing games. Yes, you heard it right – you can earn money by playing games in this sector. 

Decentraland is the most popular crypto game from which you can earn money. It is a game set-up in the Metaverse. It helps users to communicate with the other players through their virtual avatars and, most importantly, buy the land plots.

Once you get a plot of land and develop your real estate property, you will be gifted a unique NFT; you can use it and then for selling it for profit.

Play2Earn games like Axie Infinity have gathered a lot of buzzes to make money through gaming. 

7. Crypto Airdrops

How To Make Money With Cryptocurrency


It is another popular way for a crypto project to elevate exposure and attract new customers to its platforms. The airdrops can create a buzz and generate interest in the project by providing free Cryptocurrency to selected people.

Here are some of the tips for making money through cryptocurrency airdrops:

8. Keep an Eye Out for Airdrops

How To Make Money With Cryptocurrency


The initial step to making money from airdrops is to be aware of them. Make sure to be aware of the announcements on social media, forums like Reddit, and cryptocurrency news websites. 

9. Join the Airdrop Campaigns

How To Make Money With Cryptocurrency


Once you know about the airdrop, you will be able to join the campaign. You can sign their newsletter or complete other simple tasks. 

10. Use a Wallet That Supports the Token

The airdropped tokens are usually the ERC – 20 tokens built on the Ethereum blockchain. To get the tokens, you need an Ethereum wallet supporting ERC – 20 tokens. Some of the most popular wallets are – MyEtherWallet, MetaMask, and Trust Wallet. 

11. Verify Your Identity

Some of the airdrops may need your personal information, like name, email, and country of residence. It will ensure that only the eligible people get the tokens. 

12. HODL Tokens

How To Make Money With Cryptocurrency


Once you get the crypto coins, hold them for some time. Some of the airdrops may have a lock-up period where you cannot sell or transfer the tokens. You can sell the tokens once the lock-up period is complete.

13. Diversify the Portfolio

In investing, the proverb ‘don’t put all the eggs in one basket’ is very popular. It simply means you should not invest all your money in one place. It will minimize the risk and also increase the returns. 

14. NFTs

How To Make Money With Cryptocurrency


One direct and useful method to make money with crypto coins is by flipping or creating your own NFTs. If you are a talented artist, it can be a very useful way to earn money.

Buying into NFT projects can be a very useful way to earn money. However, you need to research a lot for this. 

15. Faucets

How To Make Money With Cryptocurrency


As the popularity of cryptocurrencies has increased, many websites and applications are now helping people to get free digital tokens. Known as crypto faucets platforms, the websites are now allowing people to do all kinds of tasks in exchange for free tokens.

As per your chosen platform, there may be various tasks that you need to complete to earn free crypto without financial investment. Unlike the other forms of investing, the crypto faucets will not ask you to add money upfront but will allow you to complete various tasks to earn a small amount of Cryptocurrency. 

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16. Holding

How To Make Money With Cryptocurrency


How to make money with bitcoin for beginners? If we have to answer this question, we would say – Holding. It is the best way to earn money through Cryptocurrency for the newbies. Here, you need to hold the Cryptocurrency for the long term. You need to hold the Cryptocurrency for a minimum of 5 years.

It is comparatively a safe way of earning money through Cryptocurrency. You can expect to build good wealth over the years. But you need patience to hold the cryptocurrencies for so long. 


1. What Is the Best Way to Make Money with Cryptocurrency in 2023?

You now know how to make money with Cryptocurrency. But, here the point is – which is the best way to make money with Cryptocurrency? Basically, all the ways are good for earning money through crypto; you only need to choose the method that suits you the most. 

2. Is Crypto Mining Profitable?

Yes, crypto mining is quite profitable, but buying rings can be expensive. This is the reason why new investors should do passive crypto mining.

3. Are Airdrops Worth It?

The simple answer to this question is – yes. 

4. Can I Get Rich Quickly with Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is popular as a ‘get rich quick scheme.’ However, there is also a high risk related to it. Therefore, one needs to be careful while investing in Cryptocurrency. 

Final Thoughts

Now, you are aware of how to make money with Cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is currently a popular method of earning money. Many people are jumping to earn money through Cryptocurrency. There are many ways to earn money through Cryptocurrency, and we have mentioned the best ways to earn money through Cryptocurrency. 

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