Just before the year 2022 ended, the storm of ChatGPT by OpenAI made the internet crazy, and it soon became a viral topic.

Not only tech people but also non-tech people started searching and talking about ChatGPT. Twitter also was flooded with memes trolling and bashing ChatGPT. Nonetheless, ChatGPT got over that all and outperformed many people’s expectations!

In the past few months, ChatGPT 3 has evolved so much that the company is already planning to release ChatGPT 4 in 2023. Though there is no official confirmation on the release date of ChatGPT 4, it is more likely to be released in 2023. 

The Horizon of Conversational AI Will Change with ChatGPT 4:

ChatGPT 4

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The last AI sensation of the internet, ChatGPT -3, has over 175 billion parameters, whereas ChatGPT-4 might have 1 trillion, or even more, if we believe ongoing rumors. 

Given such a huge base of parameters, ChatGPT 4 will be capable of answering questions, generating content, translating languages, and summarizing huge paragraphs of text more effectively and efficiently. 

Not only effectiveness and efficiency, with the huge measure of the complexity of the neural machine to do useful things, ChatGPT 4 will also decrease the chances of cost per generated result.

Remember OpenAI CEO saying that the cost of ChatGPT-3 is eye-watering right now?

chat gpt 4

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Besides reducing the cost per generated result, ChatGPT 4 is more likely to increase the chances of a major revolution across all industries and economies. 

Evolution of ChatGPT Since Its Launch:

ChatGPT 4

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First launched 29 months ago, ChatGPT -2 demonstrated the power of transformers-based neural networks. Even then, ChatGPT-2 was successful in impressing experts with its capability of generating natural text while maintaining quality and delivering better results.

ChatGPT 2’s successor ChatGPT-3, was released on November 30, 2022, with a bigger and more complex model that delivers even more powerful and accurate responses.

It is interesting to note that in 1998, Yaan LeCun launched LeNet – a neural network with 60,000 parameters. Now today almost after 2 decades, OpenAI’s latest version of ChatGPT has 175 billion parameters. 

ChatGPT in 2022 Vs ChatGPT in 2023:

ChatGPT 4

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When first launched, ChatGPT had way more inefficiency with the shade of shallowness. But that is not the case anymore. As ChatGPT – 3 has the RLHF model, it has improved beyond imagination resulting in better and better responses day by day.

Moreover, since the release of ChatGPT-3 by Open AI, there have been many changes to improve the platform’s overall user experience. One of the examples includes the release of ChatGPT 15.2 version, wherein you can save each chat with a custom name with lesser chances of ChatGPT refusing to answer a question. Moreover, with that newer version, ChatGPT has a higher daily chat limit in exchange for feedback to keep chatting with ChatGPT. 

Going further, with the new year, there is already talks about ChatGPT-4 in the town. People are eagerly waiting, and investors are considering investing to grab a slice of the shining piece.

Keep in mind that OpenAI has launched many other AI tools that support individuals across many industries. 

Here is a list of tools developed by OpenAI:

👉 GPT (Generative Pre-training Transformer) – 

A language generation model that can generate human-like text

👉 GPT-2 – 

ChatGPT 4

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An upgraded version of GPT with higher performance and larger capacity

👉 DALL-E – 

ChatGPT 4

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A model that can generate images from text descriptions

👉 GPT-3 – 

ChatGPT 4

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The third version of GPT, with even higher performance and larger capacity

👉 DQN (Deep Q-Network) – 

A model for playing Atari games developed in collaboration with DeepMind

👉 OpenAI Gym – 

ChatGPT 4

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A toolkit for developing and comparing reinforcement learning algorithms

👉 RoboSumo – 

ChatGPT 4

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A platform for building and evaluating AI agents that play the game of sumo

👉 Spinning Up – 

ChatGPT 4

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A tool for learning about and implementing deep reinforcement learning algorithms

👉 CTRL (Controllable Text-Generating) –

A variant of GPT-2 that allows users to control the style, content, and structure of the text it generates

👉 DALL-E for Chat – 

A tool that allows users to chat with a DALL-E-powered AI and get image responses to their text inputs.

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Is ChatGPT-4 End of Google?

ChatGPT 4

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While many people believe that ChatGPT can be the end of Google and a new era of how people interact with the internet, the reality of that happening is far away yet.

It is important to understand that Google is more than just a search engine. Google is an ecosystem of multiple products and services, while ChatGPT is just a platform.

To gain popularity and easy availability in each phone, same as Google, ChatGPT needs to create a bigger and more meaningful lifecycle for a customer.

Nonetheless, ChatGPT’s ability to provide answers to an array of topics is more likely to affect Google’s search business and ad-based revenue model.

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Release Date of ChatGPT 4:

It was earlier rumored that OpenAI will release ChatGPT4 in 2022 end, but there was no further update about the same from the company. Now, there are again rumors about ChatGPT4’s release in the year 2023. Though there is no confirmed date, we can expect ChatGPT4 to be released in the first half of the year 2023.

With the new update of ChatGPT4, we can expect a lot of new features that make it even friendlier and accessible for commercial as well as public use. 

ChatGPT4: Releasing With A Lot More Cool Features Like: 

Recently, OpenAI has confirmed that ChatGPT4 will have better abilities than in the current GPT-3.5 iteration. 

Here is the list of new features that ChatGPT4 will have:

  • Better Natural Language Processing resulting in the improved interpretation of customer queries.
  • Improved conversational accuracy for more natural and engaging customer interactions. 
  • Increased conversational flow and analysis leading to an improved ratio of appropriate customer query responses. 
  • An exciting built-in facial recognition technology to analyze customer emotions and expressions and drive conversation flow accordingly.

A Major Leap with ChatGPT4 From Billions To Trillions of Parameters:

What’s more exciting about ChatGPT4 other than its release date? It’s the new parameters that ChatGPT4 will have to make our lives and jobs even easier.

The current version of ChatGPT works based on 175 billion parameters; whereas the new ChatGPT4 will have access to over 100 trillion parameters.

Imagine, if the current 175 billion parameters can do a wide variety of tasks ranging from writing essays and poetry to coding works, and complex calculations; what wonders it can do with massive 100 trillion parameters?

There is no doubt that, with such a huge base of parameters, ChatGPT4 will be a superpower hub for new massive breakthroughs supported by immense learning potential and capabilities. 

The nerve-racking and most exciting aspect of the new ChatGPT4 will be its ability to recognize and respond to human emotions with facial recognition. Only the future will tell whether ChatGPT is just another buzz that will be around for a few months or it will change the way we humans function on a daily basis. 

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